Korean Ginseng

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Korean ginseng is often consumed by men for its purported sexual benefits. Although there are numerous uses that span both sexes, the aphrodisiac quality of Korean Ginseng (Panax Ginseng) was historically attributed to men within traditional Chinese medicine. Ginseng has been an important ingredient within traditional herbal systems for thousands of years, but only became known to the West around the 18th century. Ginseng was widely used as a tonic to increase energy, help the body cope with stress and support good health into old age.

Research has revealed that constituents of the herb may support testosterone levels and male sex hormone balance. Korean Ginseng also exhibits anti-cancer effects and may help support cardiovascular health and healthy blood glucose levels. Ginseng is used by herbalists as a male aphrodisiac. It is now widely used to boost sexual performance, but scientific studies endorsing this use are limited. P. ginseng has been observed to increase testosterone levels in certain experiments, especially after periods of testosterone suppression due to hypogonadism and/or infertility. The mechanism of testosterone increase is ill defined. In a phenomenon similar to the effects of fenugreek, ginseng may cause a surplus of testosterone by impeding its conversion to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Korean Ginseng supplements for men may help address vascular and psychogenic dysfunction associated with erectile dysfunction.

According to recent statistics, there are approximately 48.5 million couples worldwide who want to conceive a child but are suffering from infertility. Almost half the time, infertility between a couple is at least partially due to physical problems on the male’s side. There are several distinct causes of male infertility, but low sperm quality is a very prominent one. There is solid research, stretching back to the 1970s, showing that Panax ginseng promotes optimal sperm quality. Taking ginseng can also support healthy sperm count, i.e. the concentration of sperm cells in your semen; it can also increase sperm motility, or the sperm cells’ ability to travel through your female partner’s reproductive tract.

Erectile dysfunction greatly diminishes sexual satisfaction. Ginseng has also shown benefits in this area. In one study, 45 men who suffered from moderate to severe erectile dysfunction showed improvement after taking Panax ginseng for eight weeks. Another similar study involving 60 participants found that men had better erections after taking the herb for 12 weeks. Ginseng may provide these benefits because its active ingredients increase your body’s levels of nitric oxide, a chemical that helps blood vessels to expand. Ginseng relaxes the muscles and opens the blood vessels inside the penis, making it easier for blood to fill the corpus cavernosum.

Libido is another important component of male sexual function. Studies done have found that ginseng increases sex drive. This is due to its testosterone-boosting effects; researchers speculate that ginsenosides act like testosterone in the body because their molecules are structurally similar to steroid hormones. The effects of ginseng on libido are also partially due to the herb’s influence on neurotransmitters. There is also a small amount of research done on humans that confirms you can use ginseng to increase your sex drive.