L - Arginine

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L-arginine benefits for men include improved sexual performance, fertility, athletic performance and better circulatory health. L-arginine is a semi-essential amino acid that is needed to synthesize nitric oxide. Men also take L-Arginine to naturally boost libido, improve sexual stamina and make it easier to achieve an erection. It has been proven to improve sexual function and reduce instances of erectile dysfunction in both young and old men. Because of L-arginine’s role in nitric oxide synthesis, it is widely used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. By increasing circulation, this increases the amount of blood being delivered to the genitals. This can make it easier to attain an erection as well as boosting the libido. In one study, taking Arginine capsules daily for six weeks resulted in an improvement in sexual function among men with organic erectile dysfunction. L-arginine is also believed to be an aphrodisiac for both men and women. Increased libido is one possible result of L-arginine supplementation, especially if it is combined with known sexual enhancers like yohimbe root. L-arginine is also important for spermatogenesis (production of sperm) in men. It has been used to boost male fertility as well.

Insufficient blood flow is a major cause of incomplete erection in men. L-Arginine has been shown to improve blood flow to the genital area by dilating blood vessels and helping the penis to enlarge to its full capacity, thus increasing the size, hardness, and frequency of erections. It’s believed that almost half of all men between 40 and 70 will suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction or impotence. However it does affect younger people too, so every man should be paying attention. Erectile Dysfunction can be triggered by a number of reasons, including anxiety, depression and a lack of blood flow. L-Arginine directly combats the latter, blood flow, by dilating blood vessels in your body. Veins and Arteries become wider, allowing for more blood to move to your extremities, including your genitals.

Arginine is an amino acid, which is one of the building blocks that help to produce proteins in the body. It’s also crucial for the creation of a chemical called nitric oxide, which is what causes your blood vessels to widen; the more Nitric Oxide, the better the blood flow. L-Arginine isn’t just a supplement for men to take; it can also have related effects on the female body too. 43% of women describe their sexual dysfunction in the following ways:

•Loss of libido

•Inability to achieve orgasm

•Lack of sensitivity in genitals

L-Arginine has been reported to tackle all of the above problems by improving blood flow to your nether regions. Women specifically have said that it has helped them to achieve orgasm more easily, has improved their lust for sex, and increased sensitivity, leading to better sex. Fertility is also an important component of sexual health, and L-Arginine has you covered. The increased blood flow we mentioned before can do wonders, especially for sperm and egg cell production. The improved circulation helps make your body the ideal environment for producing sex cells.

L-Arginine has a similar effect in women

Higher blood flow makes clitoral and vaginal tissues more sensitive and responsive to sexual stimulation and helps increase the possibility of reaching orgasm. Although there haven’t been nearly as many studies done on arginine supplementation in women as in men, one study found that postmenopausal women who took a supplement including L-Arginine experienced heightened sexual response.

Another study involving 77 women of all ages found that after four weeks, 73.5% of the women who took a supplement including L-Arginine experienced greater sexual satisfaction, including heightened desire and clitoral sensation, frequency of intercourse and orgasm, and less vaginal dryness. Both men and women report that L-Arginine seems to increase their libido or desire for sex, and some also report that L-Arginine gives them greater endurance and stronger, more powerful orgasms. Reports also suggest that L-Arginine supplements can improve fertility in men who have low sperm counts or poor sperm motility (activity).

There is significant research into the effects of this amino acid for reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, cognitive decline and headaches. L-arginine is a conditionally essential amino acid. It is needed for the synthesis of messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) as well as for protein synthesis. It is also needed to maintain a healthy immune system, and to help the kidneys and liver expel toxic substances like ammonia.

L-arginine is also used to reduce the risk of certain medical conditions and have a he following Benefits:

•Promotes circulation resulting in improved blood flow

•Stimulates the release of growth hormone

•Improves immune function

•Reduces healing time of injuries

•Plays a role in the formation of bone and tendons

•Increases muscle mass, while reducing body fat

•Supports male fertility, improving sperm production and motility

•Reduces risk of blood clots and stroke

•Supports normal blood pressure

•Improves vascular function for patients with angina

•Helps recovery after heart attack

•Helps prevent and treat cardiovascular disease

•Helps reduce growth of cancerous tumors

•Angina, coronary artery disease and peripheral artery disease;

•Atherosclerosis and heart failure;

•Intermittent vascular disease and intermittent claudication;

•Vascular (migraine) headaches;

•Type II diabetes mellitus;

•Muscular wasting (common in post-surgery patients and HIV patients);

Your sexual health very is important. Whether you’re male or female, 30 or 60, there’s always a way you can put the fun back into your bedroom as well as improve your overall health. L-Arginine is a fantastic way of naturally helping to remedy those problems. The better care you take of your body, the happier you’ll feel in the long run. L-Arginine also supports the building of muscles, enhancing your immune system, improving your blood pressure, improving your memory and helps you heal from injuries and wounds. Its positive effects are well documented, and hopefully, this guide will help you take the first step to regaining the pride in your sex again.