Maca Root Mens Health

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Among the top reasons men choose to take Maca is to restore their libido. Maca works on various levels to support a healthy sex drive. First, it’s high nutrient content revitalizes the entire body. Second, Maca works to support healthy testosterone levels thereby increasing energy, stamina and vitality. Finally, Maca contains unique nutrients called macaenes and macamides that are associated with supporting healthy libido.

One of the things that Maca does quite well is to increase blood circulation. When combined with a boost in libido, Maca has been seen to help men overcome mild erectile dysfunction. A recent study of the effects of Maca for men with mild Erectile Dysfunction showed that more than 1/2 of the patient studied reported “significant’ improvements in terms of Erectile Dysfunction and general sexual well-being.

Fertility for both men and women is the longest and most common use of Maca. We know that people indigenous to the high Andes of Peru have used Maca root to boost both human and livestock fertility for 2000 years. Stretching forward to today, Maca is still used as a first recourse for couples wanting to conceive. Recent studies confirm that Black Maca in particular both raises sperm count and motility and increases sexual desire.
Maca may work by normalizing steroid sex hormones like testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen. Maca is a nutritional powerhouse loaded with minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and essential fatty acids. It’s possible that maca’s rich nutrient profile supports normal hormone production.
Though maca is often thought of as a remedy for men with low libido or erectile dysfunction (Erectile Dysfunction), maca can help women as well. Maca can be used to treat hormonal imbalances, menstrual problems, menopause, and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

Maca may be a menopausal woman’s best friend. It balances levels of estradiol and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) to significantly reduce both the frequency and severity of the hot flashes, anxiety, depression, and sexual dysfunction that occur in menopause.